"pgen" by minimalartifact

a ProcessingJS demo
'not qualified' at Assembly 2011 Real Wild Compo - August 2011.

Procedural / generative images and sound. No motion / animation. Different border mood on each different day.

All effects derived from the 'recursion2' example by Casey Reas and Ben Fry.

Sounds taken from SoundJay.

Demo put together by Filipe 'ps' Cruz of TPOLM.
Available for freelance web / mobile / interactive media software development.

Greetings to:
TPOLM, MFX, Kewlers, Satori, Kosmoplovci, Farbrausch, ASD, Accession
Bilotrip, Haujobb, PWP, Still, Ephidrena, Traction, Fairlight, XPLSV, RNO, Loonies
and the ones that i'm forgetting (sorry)

Also available at github repo