"Blind Serpent" by FXM

a WebGL demo
made for The Flame Party Helsinki Mozilla Demo Competition - June 2011

A remix of "mkultra" by Bilotrip
(thanks to Visy for the framework and some help)

Requires Mozilla Firefox 4 or Google Chrome 12

Soundtrack by Profan - "Sacrificing to the Serpent God"
released at Enough Records Netlabel free for download. CDr and tape also available for purchase.
Original is 22 minutes long, had to edit it down for the demo, sorry that it ends suddenly.

Illustrations by André Coelho of Profan.
Available for illustration and design services.

Subtitles French translation by Marjolaine 'Pinky' Vaucher, Finnish translation by Visy.

Demo put together by Filipe 'ps' Cruz of TPOLM and Enough Records.
Available for web / mobile / interactive software development.

Greetings to:
Bilotrip, TPOLM, MFX, Kewlers, Satori, Accession, Haujobb, Farbrausch, ASD and the other friendly demogroups that i'm probably forgetting right now.
Also greetings to the active Portuguese Demoscene, the Audiencia Zero Hack Labs folks, and everyone who supports the Netaudio scene.

Also available at github repo

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