What?   Not just a funny reference to Mystery Science Theater 3000!
Also a serious livestream show about the demoscene, with different guests talking about demos, demoscene culture, retro computing and random stuff (tm) (c).
When & Where   Irregular schedule (once every 2 or 3 weeks).
Live broacast through twitch.tv, youtube, facebook and scenesat.
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Archives   Season 1 (2016)
Season 2 (2017)
Season 3 (2018)
Credits & Thanks   The show is mostly organized and hosted by ps.
Thanks to cg for the logo.
Thanks to kb and jco for the jingles.
Thanks to Ivory Labs for the invitation demo.
Thanks to our bunch of regular guests and followers for their continuous presence, suggestions and support!
Patreon Supporters   Special thanks to Garfield, Punqtured, Geoff Thornburrow, Paul-Jan Pauptit, Jakub Pamulski, El Topo, Fulcrum, Pixelnerve, Paulo Falc√£o and Gerrit Wessendorf for their patreon support.