What   Pancake Conference 2020.
An online creative arts event of some sort.
When & Where   Was livestreamed at http://twitch.tv/psenough on the 24th of June 2020. You can find results file on demozoo and youtube archive here:

Livestream Archive  



Executable Graphics

4kb executable code to generate those pancakes!

256 byte intro

Can you fit a pancake in 256 bytes of code?


Textmode unleashes for some of tastier pancakes ever!

Pixel Graphics

Use the palette from the beer can to make the best pancake ever!

Combined intro/demo

Greetings to Accession only, fuckings to lamers without pancakes. Executable production running on whatever platform you want, make a demo or intro about pancakes.

Remixed mod music

Do a remix of one of these mods from the list

Original Music

Original music about pancakes.

Pancake Art Photos

Photos of your pancake art.

Pancake Recipe Videos

Videos of your pancake recipes.

#ddgart Pancake Challenge

Neural style transfer on selected pancake photos. Check facebook thread for more info.

N++ pancake maps challenge

N++ maps about pancakes. Check N++ discord for more info.